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    hi just bought ipod touch have bought a few apps some have disapeared (are in the itunes bit on pc but cant see on ipod, also when i click on the 2 apps that are on my ipod facebook and ebay it opens what looks like a webpage for 1 second then closes again so cant even set them up ANY HELP cheers donna x


    make sure that the apps are ticked in iTunes so that when you sync the ipod the apps are updated on to the ipod.

    any internet based app obviously required an internet connection. Make sure you have the wireless function turned on and are connected to a wireless internet connection.

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    that makes no sense havnt seen anything that needs ticling also am connected because buying apps

    some apps such as the natwest 1 is only compatible with the iphone

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    these are facebook and ebay


    Delete it, then reinstall.

    I had the same problem a few months back. This fixed it and done on one app, brought everything back.

    Hi off key but I want help on music folders.
    How do you put albums on so when you click albums only the album name comes up not 20 name + song.
    Tried allsorts lol

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    deleted and put on again no apps work grrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tried other free ones this doin my head in have switched on and off to see if makes any difference

    you got the new update for the touch?

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    it says i got the latest software only got it today

    Need to have part of compilation ticked and make sure they have identical album names.
    Found something that says keep in same folder but it didn't work can you tell me where you mean pls.
    Latest itunes and new 32gig touch.
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