Help with Ipods

    Two questions...
    How much is a white 60gb ipod video worth. Alot of scratches but considering changing the case, how much would that add in value?

    Second, blue Ipod mini how much is that worth?

    No boxes or anything.

    Thanks for any help and rep will be left.



    going by ebay I'd say about 90-95 pound for the white one
    Not sure on the blue one probably around the same?

    i don't think an unboxed 60gb would sell for that much, as its an older model, ipod 60Gb, i imagine £55 or above if has no box or anything make sure you say it has scratches, and take well lit photos
    ipod mini around £40

    you can set reserve prices but this'll cost you around £1+

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    cheers rep left
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