Help with Itunes to ipod touch please, re: Complilation, Various Artists not showing up.

    Hi all, this is annoying me, if anyone could help it would be great.

    I am transferring the match of the day album from itunes to ipod touch. I had to select all individual tracks in itunes as a compilation which grouped them all together and showed up as the album by various artists. But when I transfer the album to the ipod touch it shows that the album is by Foo Fighters(who the first track is by). Does anyone know how I can change it to Various Artists as showing in Itunes?

    Thank you!


    go into recentle added on itunes, then highlight the album and then mark it as various artists - should work that way

    Original Poster

    In itunes it is already showing as various artists, its just when it moves to the ipod touch that it changes.

    EDIT: just seen what you meant, it missed a couple of tracks when I did it, added them in at the second attempt and it worked! Thanks very much! Rep left.
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