Posted 23rd May 2015
I have an 05 plate Zafira and we tried to go out yesterday but the rear middle seatbelt had jammed so we ended up taking husbands car. When he tried to fix it today it ended in disaster. The seatbelt is concealed within the rear seat behind the passenger seat, no zips to get at the seatbelt or anything. He pushed the seat forward and the seatbelt then got so tight the chair got stuck in the folded down position and he had to cut the seatbelt!!! We had googled it and discovered its happened to a few other cars. Its looking like we either have to source from a scrapyard the entire top part of that chair or buy a new one from Vauxhall. (don't want to do that, too many pennies!) Has anyone else had similar happen and how did they sort it out?
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