Help with job application!

    Hello one and all, im having sum trouble with one of the question's on the application form. It's for a management role in "coral" the bookie's.

    The question: What do you expect the position you have applied for to involve?

    Im drawing a complete blank, obviously i know what it will involve , but im having trouble in wording it lol, any help would be greatful!



    Is there not a write-up on the job, if there is write that but re-word it.

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    DOH! i should have thought of that.

    Will it involve:

    • Will it make use of any prior work experience in either a business or management role?
    • Will you have to be extremely organised and be able to multi-task to fit in to the role offered?
    • Will you have the ability to work on your own initiative and be a self-starter?
    • Will you have to showcase strong writing skills?
    • Will you have to showcase strong management skills? Any key areas?
    • Do you have an analytical mind and will the job make use of this?
    • Any ICT skills that have to be used daily? Word? Excel?
    • Will you have to be a team player, practical, focused, down to earth and friendly?

    Ponder on those and write something relevant about you and good luck!

    Hmmmmm I posted after "Is there not a write-up on the job, if there is write that but re-word it."

    What I wrote then may be ****

    Tried to help anway

    You get that question on most applications i have had it on all mine .They are only asking your opinion of what the job involves .but i know what you mean i find when i used to fill them in it was hard put it all into words . The points speedking left are good and points like being able to be a team player but also show authority to motivate other staff etc .

    good luck
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