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    Hi all....I amlooking to replace my 10 year old Acer laptop. I generally use it for work (reports, documents etc.) Transferring music, uploading and editing family photos every now and again and general internet shopping/browsing etc. I have narrowed it down to 2 options and would appreciate feedback on which of the 2 is better/better value or if there is something better out there for similar money?…306
    Thanks as always.....


    My vote for lenovo
    Still lack of ssd in both so if u could find one with ssd n then use external hdd for big data that would be best combination

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    At that price point i would want SSD - it drive would make a huge … At that price point i would want SSD - it drive would make a huge differenceMaybe something like this: HP 250 G5 Core i5-6200U 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Laptop

    That looks like something I'd need/want. Does itmake much of a difference that it's a 6th gen i5 processor as opposed to a 7th gen? (The like of that on the 2 options I posted)

    Sorry I have to disagree, if you are likely to keep the laptop for 5-10 years then an SSD is perhaps not the best choice as they are likey to give fault in that time. How bad is the old lappy ? perhaps a which to linux would save you money. If you edit videos or play them I would base your choice of the screen quality. You can get the most powerfull processor and the best SSD but still end up with shabby looking screen pictures. Of the 2 you mention, on experiance I would go for HP but both brands are ok. I would try for an Asus myself.

    Both seem fine for your needs, but I agree that at that price you should be get an SSD included.

    If you want to go for one of those 2, I'd go for the Lenovo too.

    After owning both brands I would pick the Lenovo. Although the i5 processor of the HP gives a slightly higher score on Benchmark compared to the Lenovo there are three main reasons why I would pick Lenovo over the HP.

    The first is the amount of crap that HP insist on installing on their machines. This slowed mine down so much it was ridiculous beyond belief until a clean install of windows 7 without any of the HP crap. Just uninstalling the HP bloatware didn't make any difference. The three Lenovo machines I have had didn't come with much pre-installed crap at all.

    The second reason I would pick the Lenovo is the screen. It's full HD compared to the crappy 1366 x 768 of the HP. Why manufacturers are insisting on using this lower resolution screen when full HD has been out since before fibre broadband I don't know. You will notice a remarkable difference if you could compare these two side by side. It would also appear that the Lenovo has a dedicated graphics card where the HP would appear to be on board Intel graphics.

    The third reason is 2 years warranty from JL compared to a crappy 12 months from Crummies, sorry I meant Currys.

    The graphics would be my main reason for picking the Lenovo as this something you cannot change and the specs speak for themselves. For me it's a no brainer on the Lenovo. Touch screen and SSD would be nice at this price though.

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    Lenovo it is!!! SSD is fine 'n all, but it has to be along with HDD as opposed to instead of (see Sandy's post).
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