help with laptop suggestion wanted

hi, recently i saw a tasty HP DV6599 and instantly fall in love with its look. I am an architect and looking for a decent machine. A friend suggested that i take a look an Sony Vaio Laptop, VGNFZ18M, slightly more expensive than the HP, but i have been told that Sony machine gets overheated easily. Is this true? Any suggestion appreciated. thanks


I'd avoid Sony. Their systems aren't especially good for build quality or value.

I'm assuming you've got something in the region of an £850 budget here. With that amount of money to hand, I'd buy a Dell Inspiron 1720. 17" screen, 2GB RAM, 2GHz Core2Duo, nVidia 8600GT video with 256MB of real memory, and a 1 year warranty RTB warranty thrown in (although, for quick and easy repairs, like a failed harddisk or a borked keyboard, new bits can be couriered out to you for the next business day), so the spec seems an improvement. Might be worth a shot.


Hello SpaceMan

Please state a budget

Sony laptops are that great over the last few months/years they have had a lot of problems with there products including there laptop batteries. I advise to stay well away from Sony.

Best to go with Acer or Toshiba. Toshiba offer free 2 year warranty if you had more then 3 repairs in one year

I would go for Toshiba . They have a good reputation. I have one.
Tell them it's for business. You will probably get a better after sales
service .
As an example of their service : - I was checking on their site for any
updates and was asked to do a battery check. They said my battery
should be replaced to be safe and they sent it , free of charge, within
the week.


Original Poster

my budget is in the region of £850. I think i will stay away from sony then. Any comment on the HP. Toshiba is a good brand, but i am not sure if its look...same to Dell.. i know i know i am vein. :oops:
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