Help with laptop....again. Concerning ram and hard drive

    I want to upgrade my Samsung Q45 to 4gb. However there are definatly wto slots because alot of people say they've upgraded it but I cant find the second slot, and the internet isn't that helpful. There is one on the bottom, as you'd expect. Where would the other one be?

    Also I there are two hard drives in it. Both 50gb. How would I go out about upgrading one or both of them. Can I keep one with the operating system on etc....

    Help would be appreciated.


    you should be able to just take out the second hard-drive and pop a new one in. The OS will be on the first drive.

    Out of interest what OS are you using? As far as I know anything over 3gb RAM in any of the 32bit versions of windows is pretty pointless as it won't use any more than that

    The other RAM slot is underneath the keyboard.
    Remove the keyboard to access the second slot. Remove screws marked "K" on underside, then release the spring-loaded latches around the edge of the keyboard which you can then lift out and flip over.

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    Running 32bit and already on 3gb so now seems pointless so thanks for help.

    ~How do I know which one to remove and can I replace it with any 2.5 HD??

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    would this work

    you'll need to know if you need a IDE or SATA hard drive, if its SATA, that one should do fine.

    As for identifying which drive is which... well a manual would be ideal but you could do trial and error... take one out, see if it boots up, if it does you know you've removed the second drive, if not you know the one you have in your hand is the primary drive!

    just had a quick google for you, looks like you need a SATA drive, so that one on would work fine.
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