Help with laptop....icons missing


Can you please help,

I have a toshiba laptop and in the right hand corner of the toolbar at the bottom there is some icon (or was) am missing my sound button, the internet screen button ( 2 screens) maybe some i cant turn the sound on mute or anything and cant see when the internet is connected. They was there and not sure how they have disappeared....its driving me mad be looking for an hour.

Thanks for you help


Tried restarting? As for sound you can access this via Control Panel, what OS you running?

is there a little arrow by bottom right then customise if running windows 7
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Original Poster

its with vista....

and yeh i can get the volume another way but its a pain in the bottom ...when it was just at the bottom of the screen

Right click in that area, then go properties, you should have an option to enable/disable icons.

Original Poster

awww thanks....lastnight there was a problem and wouldnt let me click on them...and sods law its just let me...


Your welcome (_;)
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