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Hi all

Is there any online buyers guide that is kept up-to-date and cuts through all the waffle? I've been scanning a few threads and it makes my head spin. I'm relatively ok with tech-talk when it comes to pc's but the whole TV thing seems to confuse me greatly!

I went to comet the other day - by far the best pictures were on Panasonic tv's - they had the txl32v10b and the txl37g15b which were pricey but superb. ALL the Samsungs were fuzzy rubbish, was this some sort of weird conspiracy? The Panasonics seemed to have "100hz" and 1080p which I read as being overhyped/irrelevant features if you are close to the screen, however to these eyes the difference was massive.

But now I hear about "600hz" and things like freeview2 (is that the same as freeview hd?) around the corner. My house only has a regular tv aerial (receives freeview ok) and I don't want a dish or cable box installed. I'd like some sort of 'watch it later' option - what is the easiest way for me to do this? Do I need a tv with a built in hd recorder? Doesn't that make them very noisy? My friend has an HD recorder for his tv and it is very loud even when idle. Does anywhere compare acoustic noise in the same way they do with PCs?

I would like the option to connect my HP laptop now and then - it has a displayport out. The TV screen won't face the window, if that helps with the 'reflections' issue.

How do you figure out the best size? Do you simply guess? Or does it relate to room size and distance from screen? Is there a guide?

I see that plasmas are rated highly, but use more juice. The Panasonics I liked were LCD and looked great. I do watch sport, but am not hyper-picky over smoothness, but would like to watch movies and see details I never saw before.

Finally, do all blueray players also play regular DVDs?

Many thanks to any and all who can help!


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