Help with lawnmower repair?

Found 26th Mar 2012
i recently bought a flymo venturer electric mower and strimmer (cheap combo), the second time ive cut the lawn ive gone and hit something hard on the ground which has bent the shaft that the blade attaches to causeing the blade to hit the plastic casing when powered

I know how to use a screwdriver but cant seem to get to the shaft, was hoping to put it back in place unless it is actually bent!
Or ive thought of fitting a few washers under the blade so it raises the blade slightly so it doesnt hit the plastic casing?
Im sure many people will have had this problem but cant find much on google apart from some redneck bending the shaft back with a sledgehammer on a petrol mower

any ideas would be great as id just finished cutting the back garden when it happened, the front garden is still junglemania!
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Not seen this model but if you have bent the shaft thats the end of it, fitting spacers with the shaft bent and running out of balance could in the worse case end up with your feet being struck by flying pieces of blade. If its fitted with and you have bent the cutting blade normally you can remove the nut and cutting blade, hammer out the cutting blade and refit. Also hover flymo's have spacers which are inserted or remove to adjust the cutting height not suse about the wheeled versions
Cheap combo.........nuff said.


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