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    can anyone please tell me what the differences are between the leapster, leapster 2 and leapster L-max? thanks. x


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    thanks x

    michelle-as far as i am aware they will play on the leap2 aswel. I have the leapster tv and lmax and they take all the same games-but check out this link?…tml

    All Leapster games work with all Leapster Learning Game Systems (Leapster, Leapster L-Max™ and Leapster TV™).
    just read this on a site..

    the leapster tv works with the tv only-the leapster old model not with tv-newer models with tv or handheld. They all have the stylus-dont recommend you buy second hand handheld as the stylus go faulty and need recalibrating-if you cant do it due to the fault the games cant be played with the stylus.
    Would also recommend vsmile-similar although better graphics it seems on our large tv. Also available tv or handheld (also can be used on tv)
    Hope this helps!

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    thanks, those comments really helped!
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