Help With lego table

    Does anyone know where i can find out the sizes of lego sets when built,ie police station, fire station and airport.
    I want to built my little boy a lego table,but not sure what the dimensions should be to fit a few sets on.
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated,as my lovely family thinks i can't do it..)


    I have the police station and fire station at home, so could measure them up for you if you wanted.
    This probably won't be until after 6pm ish tho...

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    Thanks that would be great..)

    Also, they both seperate in 2 parts.
    Are using a lego base for the table?

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    Also, they both seperate in 2 parts.Are using a lego base for the table?

    Yea i am,i did'nt want to just use the basic plates but have a road as well,but that will depend on the sizes of the sets,not much point building it till i know how big they are,and for the life of me can't find out,so your help would be great..Thanks so much.
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    i think you would be better off making it so the plates are interchangable.
    I dont know how good you are with wood, but a small ledge that the edge of the plates could slide under might be pretty handy. i think the floor plates come in standard squares do they not? (or they used to) so make a 2x2 or 2x3 table of plates

    Yeah I would buy 6 or 9 of the 'floors' and make it fit them, plenty of space however he would like to use it.
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