help with littlewoods statement please?

    Anyone know what all this means? im unsure if i got the item for 5.87 or .87p? have they refunded the £5 then re charged it? i cant make it out as they are all the same date. Thanks for anyreplies

    Payments we've received
    16/05/09 Payment Received - Thank You 5.87 CR
    Sundry Items And Adjustments
    16/05/09 Item Refund To 5.00
    16/05/09 Promotional Discount 5.00 CR
    16/05/09 REFUND TO ELECTRON 5.00 CR
    Items you've ordered
    16/05/09 US04929 5ft Ring Pool 5.87
    16/05/09 CHARGED TO ELECTRON 5.87


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    nevermind, figured it out

    bit confusing but looks to me like you have paid 0.87p, they have originally charged £5.87 to your debit card but then refunded £5.00 of it, just be aware that refunds to your card take a while longer so if they have done it as a refund, the £5 wont show on your bank account for a few days :roll:

    yeh you were charged 87p by the looks of it, (but they charged you full, then refunded a fiver, typical littlewoods - they do it all time!)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for replying, i fugured thats what they had done a paddling pool for 87p cant be bad
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