Help with lost pictures!

    Yesterday I switched on my camera and half of the photos on my memory card had just disappeared. I have also been to Boots and checked the memory card but they aren't there! Does anybody have anyway of knowing if they are completely gone, or if there is anyway to get them back? Any help would be very much appreciated as there were some special 21st birthday photos on there!


    Have you not got an adapter to plug it into, then into your PC USB port ?

    If not, get one (about £3 off Ebay) - and just make sure.

    Also bes tto backup what you have now in case the memory card is faulty.

    There are pieces of software out there to recover such items, but I'd check with the dongle idea 1st !!

    Are you sure the other photo's were not on the Camera's INTERNAL memory?

    Have seen this problem a few times...

    Use a card reader directly linked to the PC to see what is on the disk.

    If you have formatted the disk you will not be able to recover the photos - otherwise there are free applications that may work. Try this one...…Rec careful there are many doubtful companies who will take money from you and advertise 'recovery'.

    Have just been looking at this - May be just what you need ... ?

    A friend of mine had all his photos deleted by another drunken friend, on holiday,over 100 photos lost!

    He took the card to Jessops where for a fee of £5 a chap there recovered and copied to disk all his snaps.An option to consider maybe.

    Try the software. I lost some photos a few years ago and came across so free recovery software took about 1/2 hr for it to sort through my camera but after it recovered most of my photos. I had been deleting my photos one by one but have since been recommended once I have saved to pc that I reformat the sd card each time. Good luck :thumbsup:

    I have a program that I used to recover photos off a corrupted sd card. Is there an easy way of getting it to you?

    It's 5mb.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for all the help guys! Managed to recover most of the photos using some software downloaded off the internet. Really relieved!

    try [url][/url]

    Try a program called Restoration...…t-1

    Allows you to check for deleted files and recover them.
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