Help with lovefilm! (Again)

    Well i sorted out the card problem but now it appears that i can't reactivate another 3 months free trial. I know it says not more than one but i've loads of people on here saying they have re-used it loads of times. Just wondering if there is something to do to make it accept the voucher?

    The message is as follows
    "Reactivation Failed

    Thank you for your interest in our service.

    According to our records, you have already benefited from an extended free time period (known as a comeback offer) associated with the promotion code you have entered.

    Customers are only entitled to one comeback offer and therefore we are not able to provide you additional free time. This does not mean you cannot have the account, however, if you do continue, you will be charged immediately. "

    Any way I can get around this?


    try searching on here for a different code?

    Try a different package to the one you had before, i.e. if you had the 12.99 2 discs, try for the 14.99 one with games.

    I think they are cracking down on this a bit more now.....I still haven't reactivated mine yet!! let us know if you get it to work

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    Aye, tried different codes and I've tried changing the package type, having no luck.

    I have heard they are cracking down on this so maybe you cant reactivate it anymore! taken them long enough to realise! try a few codes you might get lucky

    Same thing happened to me last week :x

    I created a new account, got a 3 month trial.

    A day later, the new account was cancelled and I got an email saying I wasn't allowed another trial :-(

    Original Poster

    lol i feel your pain...boy do i miss them game rentals for paying nowt!

    Me 2 :-(

    So annoyed it wont work...

    Apparently changing your name and e-mail address helps.


    Apparently changing your name and e-mail address helps.

    I did, I even created a new account with a new email address and name !

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    Most probably postcode that identifys if you have had one before or not?

    anyone figured out a workaround for this yet? i mss my free movies!
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