Can anybody help me? malware bytes has been working fine up until about 2wks ago then it stops scanning after about 2mins and comes up with not responding,i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but it still keeps stopping at the same place each time,any ideas?


    Try the new version that was released a few days/weeks ago.. i had to update all my pcs with the new revision last week and that may be a bit more stable. Also try a safe mode scan just in case anything is causing it to crash, ie malware/virus etc. Also try a combofix scan just incase of anything rootkit related, which malwarebytes will not remove.
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    Or try scanning in safe mode.

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    tried scanning in safe mode and it doesn't make any difference? the laptop has microsoft security ess already on it will tht be enough or can anybody reccomend any other free things to download??
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