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Found 12th Oct 2008
My sons homework has me stumped. Now before anyone starts, I never do his homework for him but want to ensure I understand the questions, so I can help him when he's stuck.

He's answered all the other questions but this one has us a bit confused.

Q. Find a solid shape that has 2 triangular faces and 3 rectangular faces. What is it's name?

Now I know this is a shape like the Toblerone but is it simply called a prism or a triangular prism or a rectangular prism!?!?!??

NB My son is 6 and this is their homework!!

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The generic name for a solid which, when cut anywhere along its length, provides a cut face the same as the face at either end. Therefore, the definition provided is correct for a triangle based prism.


One of mine did this in Y5, but then advanced to some 3D shapes I had to Google !

3 rectangles / 2 triangle is a triangular prism - see BBC bitesize website which has 3D shapes listed for KS2 (using terms the school will teach) if that is the level your son is studying :thumbsup:


EDIT : I've deleted image as I didn't realise it would show whole sheet :roll:, but click on link & it will display info for your son.

EDIT #2 : Sorry just realised your son is doing KS1 - my youngest studied 2D shapes at KS1 (nonagons & hendegons - I didn't even know how many sides they had, never mind a 6/7yr old), but I don't think he's done 3D yet, but the KS2 sheet provides same info

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Thanks for this - all info gratefully rec'd! It's amazing what they teach them nowadays! When I was at school at that age we just played! Have bookmarked the BBC stuff as it's pretty informative!


The hardest thing I found when my chidren started school was how different terms are used to describe things (don't get me started on chunking :)) & how I had to careful that when i helped them I used the same methods that the school taught. the BBC websites are good for info for that.

Also when my eldest did his KS2 tests in Yr6, the school sold us 3 books published by CGP called

Key Stage Two - SCIENCE - The Study Book
Key Stage Two - ENGLISH - The Study Book
Key Stage Two - MATHS - The Study Book

& I found these really useful for my younger children from Yr3 as they helped me understand the format their homework needed to be done in, & also good revision / explanations for my children when they started a new topic & it hadn't possibly been clearly explained at school etc

EDIT just found out that CGP also have some sample pages of their books online, Link here >


I agree CGP books can be good. They have also good online resources to support parents/teachers in learning - I, as a Maths Teacher of 11 years (mad, eh!?!?) use them regularly.

For this problem, look at…spx

For their books, [url][/url]

triangular prism
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