Help with me selling my tv pleeeeease

    Im thinking of selling my samsung 46 inch tv
    Model: LE46C750R2K

    Is the £350 im asking for it too much need some feedback from other people really really really appreciate it ^_^


    The question is where are you going to sell it. Second hand Tv are difficult to sell for a good price.

    Depends on condition, features etc. Do you have the receipt ( prove it's not stolen) and is there any warranty left? Original box for packing?

    I would look at the newer models out and price. For example, you can get a samsung LED ( not LCD) UE46F6320 brand new off amazon for £549 with wifi and free view built in, warranty too. Similar design bar screen upgrade. Having a browse on ebay for samsung 46 tv brings up LCDs having recently sold for £255 with collection and LED selling for £300-350. So you maybe abit steep but depends on how quick you wish to sell. Don't forget, ebay looses %20 in fees on buy it now and paypal. If you do ebay, do cash on delivery not paypal and collect to avoid any unscrupulous charge backs! I would go for £300 sell price.

    And then you have room to haggle down. :-)

    £350 seems reasonable. They seem to sell between £350-£400 on eBay used in fully working order and good condition.

    Search the completed listings for Samsung LE46C750.
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    Original Poster

    Thanks guys
    Yeah im aware of selling it on ebay the fees "/ just wanted to know if people thought £350 was steap
    I thought it was reasonable for the condition its in
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