help with meals please

    morning all, am fed up of cooking same meals each week, spag bol, stir fry etc
    an ideas for cheapish meals for 2 adults, just for normal tea, nothing too fancy!!
    thanx in advance


    What about a few traditional meals - meat & veg.

    how about plate meat pie or shepards pie? i like doing them potatoe skins where you cook the potatoe scoop out the middle and mash it and put bacon in then put it back in the skin and put cheese ontop then under the grill and have it with a side salad.

    there are hundreds of really easy to follow recipe sites on the net but I've found the ones on bbc, channel 4, waitrose and tesco websites to be very very good!

    I also found this one to be very good at showing you what to do;


    But the best way in all honesty is to use a recipe as a base and just experiment!

    Ham, Eggs, Chips & Beans...My favorite
    Chilli con carne
    chicken casserol, chuck it in a slow cooker and leave it

    Have a look at the Sainsbury's website for meals for under a fiver - some nice ideas on there:thumbsup:

    how about a nice omlette? so easy to do too and great for a change

    Traditional `sunday dinner` works out really cheap for us as there are so many offers in the supermarkets for leg of pork/brisket etc. We have `sunday dinner` any day of the week and with the rest of the joint maybe make curry or some other dish. We usually get about three meals from it. The brisket I cook in a soup pot it`s delish that way so we get a big pot of soup too.mmm. yummy.:thumbsup: Or how about omelette? That`s something I love and yet make it very rarely.

    If you have a sainsburys near you, you can get a box packet mushroom risotto. All you do it add water and simmer for 12 mins, add some butter and some parmesan if you have it. Its around £1.90 and different to throw a mix in the week.

    Not to everyones taste but my dad and grandad used to cook some pasta (spaghetti) and then add some tomato puree.
    Plain and simple and delicious ... well it was to me.
    I still do the same for my kids n they love it.
    Works out at 2 big (and filling meals) for under a pound!

    Also, in tescos, they do these "frozen garlic chicken breast pieces".
    They're much better than they sound.
    They're basically the same as the birds eye (i think) crispy chicken.
    It's chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs with a hint of garlic in them.
    They're really nice and only under £2.50 for SIX!

    bangers mash and onion

    This is really simple & Tasty -
    Quick Chicken Casserole
    Take 1 pack of Chicken Thighs (Boneless & Skinless) & chop each thigh into 3 then put into a lidded casserole with 6-8 New Potatoes (halved or quartered depending on size) & 2 chopped Shallots (or half an Onion) & just cover with Chicken Stock & season.
    Simmer on the hob for around 20 minutes (or until the chichen is cooked & the potates are tender) then add 1 cup of Frozen Peas & a handful of chopped Tarragon & return to the heat for 5 minutes.
    Remove from the heat & stir in 1-2 Tablespoons of Creme Fraiche & serve!!

    One of my staples cos its so low fat, quick & easy & basically sorts itself out!

    I can send you a few other recipies if your interested.

    Pasta Chunk is a favorite in our house

    Cook pasta (any type) and add cut up cooked pork sausages to the pan with a generic pasta sauce from a jar serve with a good grated cheese mmmm very nice:thumbsup:

    cheese pie, my ultimate fave! goes well with a drop of tomato soup. make your own piza, just buy the base.. also you could make your own noodles & flavour them to your liking.. also one of my regular dishes is to slice a couple of chicken breast fillets nearly in two & stuff with garlic butter & cheese before wrapping in bacon , wrap in tin foil and shove in the oven

    cambells condensed cream of chicken soup heated in a pot with half as much milk,add some mushrooms and cooked chicken and pour over some pasta,thats what im making tonight,yum


    bangers mash and onion

    mmm. yummy. Haven`t had that for ages.:p

    Fish Fingers, Mash and Peas

    Tuna Pasta - with sweetcorn - or with peppers and onion.

    Pizza - with added veg on top

    Vegetable casserole with Rice

    I often cook a chicken for a meal one night, and then use left overs for sandwiches and for chicken soup the following day.

    Pie, veg and chips.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys, some really good ideas, easy to make and some i havent made in ages!!
    off to the shops now x

    Sausage and mustard mash It's a some marmite gravy with it yum yum
    don't fancy that..follow the link


    mmm. yummy. Haven`t had that for ages.:p

    same here but its ok i made it friday with thick onion gravy

    fish pie


    sausage casserole


    thanks guys, some really good ideas, easy to make and some i havent made … thanks guys, some really good ideas, easy to make and some i havent made in ages!!off to the shops now x

    You back yet? just wondering what`s for dinner tonight:-D
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