Help with Media centre pc

    Hi all, I'm looking to try my hand and build a media centre pc using this…368
    Im looking for a cheap tv card to put in it but having never used one before dont know what im looking for, does anyone know where i can pick up a cheap one that will fit in here and work well with vista? wether it be found on a certajn auction site or anywhere else, if anyone can please advise i would be most grateful



    I'd highly recommend Hauppauge, This should fit ]http//ww…946

    both good cards m8 but they are for diff jobs ie the second is for a sat system, the haup above is a dual tuner so you can watch and record diff channels simultaneously
    one thing to watch for is the remote support haup tend to be very very good on this and the remote will qwork well with many apps


    I'd highly recommend Hauppauge, This should fit … I'd highly recommend Hauppauge, This should fit ]

    the Nova is a fantastic card - I've been using it for a couple of years and it is very reliable ;-)
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