Help with Micro SD card........

    I was showing a friend of mine my DSTT card and he took the SD card out to have a look but he tried putting it in the wrong way and did something to the card and now it won't work.

    Gold looking part (i'm very technical lol) that information is read from looks slightly marked. Anyone know of any thrick to get this going or is it gubbed??



    you given it a rub

    oops meant the sd card, just incase

    It sounds as if one of the Gold connector pins has been damaged ? if so I doubt it will be any good! ?
    You could try making sure they are dead straight ?

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    Thats what I thought.

    Oh well will need to have another wait for deal extreme to deliver.

    Thanks for the help


    never buy memory cards from dx, cheap enough to buy in the uk and less likely to be fake

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    This one was genuine but buying a couple of things from DX already so thought I'd add it to the list.

    Can you recommend somewhere which has good del times and decent prices?


    i ahve always used play for mine, if you have a nosy under the saints threads im sure he did a thread about where to get the cheapest

    looks like yopur mate owes you a new card....


    had a nosey and cant find the thread, like i say have always used play, although my last two i got from amazon

    Tesco do micro sd cards 2gb for £3.79, and 4gb cards £6.97 approx. Good luck.

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    looks like yopur mate owes you a new card....

    Don't worry he's getting the pints in later for it

    Are you sure its the sd card he's damaged and not the dstt? Try it in a card reader.

    7dayshop are a good place to get cards as free delivery

    2gb £3.49

    or a 4gb £5.49

    And Starsparkle that is a link to "how to submit deals" :?



    here's the saint's cheap memory ]threadBut I bought mine from Play too, … here's the saint's cheap memory ]threadBut I bought mine from Play too, and ebay

    you been on the bubbly stuff - pmsl
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