Help with mobile internet please?

    Hey all

    I am a complete beginner.

    We are having to move out of our house for a few months and will have no internet.

    Where do I go? what do I buy?

    Thanks in advance.


    As a first step I would suggest visiting…le/ and seeing which package suits you best.

    In the bottom left hand corner of each package description is a box "check coverage" click this, punch in your new postcode and see if there's good coverage there.

    Bear in mind that if you've been using a cable connection for the 'net up to now (Sky, Virgin, etc.) then the 3G connection will seem slow unless you are right next to the 3G antenna of the telephone company.

    Hope this gives you a start.

    Is it just for a pc/laptop? if so then get a 3 dongle and then buy sim cards preloaded with 3gb that lasts a month ( Amazon for @ £7.50 or Ebay for @ £8 ) or if its for more than one device get a mifi and again use a preloaded sim and then you have a mobile wifi spot .

    Original Poster

    Thank you both
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