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    Hi can anyone find me the best deal on the Samsung I8910 on an 18 month contract dont need more than 200 mins and 100 texts but it will have to be on Orange as i have their free Broadband and this will just stay as it is if i go with Orange through another company.


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    This is the best one i can find can anyone better it [COLOR="Red"]( i dont want any cashback deals though )[/COLOR]


    [COLOR="red"] But the price of the handset is £69.99[/COLOR]

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    Any help would be appreciated. :thumbsup:


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    In the right section now thanks :thumbsup:

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    12 months at £42 per month plus £50 quidco.

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    Anyone else?

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    Has anybody any advice on this deal? Or can you find a better deal?

    Hows about this one matey.…y=4

    £35p/m 18months, Orange, Free Handset. 600 mins, 3000 txts.

    Magic Number
    Unlimited Evening & Weekend Mobile Internet for 2 Months


    Has anybody any advice on this deal? Or can you find a better deal?

    You missed the deal a few weeks ago. Orange ALSO had £150 quidco, which meant at £42 per month over 12 months, the phone was £350 with 900 mins & 500txts!
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