Help with Mobile Phone purchase please.

    Background is I need to find the best way to buy get someone a mobile phone. I am totally ignorant on contracts, sim only etc so please make any advice easy to understand. Many thanks.

    Ok I need either a Nokia 6500 slide in silver or a Sony Ericsson W910i. Nokia is 1st choice.
    Any contract must not come to over £15 month
    Contract needs to be a max of 12 months
    No cashbacks
    Texts are more important than minutes
    Can go through Quidco

    Many thanks for any advice given it will be greatly appreciated.


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    Thanks garbage, appreciated !

    I have an as new 6500 slide, with a new 3 pay as you go sim, still has screen protector on, boxed with all accesories etc.

    Asking £120 delivered sd.


    We can do the Three texter price plan £15 per month with the Nokia 6500 Slide free however they all are 18 month contracts now im afraid...

    75 Minutes and 600 Texts £15 P/M

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    Thanks both will consider those offers. Appreciated



    yes that is what i said he can have a 12 month contract but its £49.99 … yes that is what i said he can have a 12 month contract but its £49.99 for the phone

    Sorry mate, I thought you said

    "another 18 month contract called texter £15 is also £15 a month but is 600 texts and 75 minutes to other networks but the phone will cost you £49.99."

    I just meant it is possible to get that same contract with the phone for free...
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