Help with mobile phone terminology: Quad band / PAYG / locked phone

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Found 31st Mar 2010
I am looking to buy the Samsung S5560 for my brother-in-law in India. The phone specs say it is a quad band phone so I assume it will work in India. I also understand I can buy it in PAYG and that means I am not bound by a contract so I can send it across to India to my BIL.

However I have one clarification - the deal just posted on this phone is 110 GBP at Carphone warehouse incl a 10 GBP if I top up on 3/T-mob/Vodafone, I hope it does not mean that I am 'locked' to that service provider wherever the phone is used...Vodafone has a presence in certain parts of India but I would want to retain the flexibility of choosing the best service provider in India...Can someone pls explain how it works?

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if the phone is locked, this means they will ONLY work with the sim card that is supplied with them, and no other sim card, unless you get the phone unlocked

you CAN buy unlocked payg phones, these are dearer and you have to specifically ask for an unlocked one, they can use any sim card usually and will work fine in India

India uses GSM 900 so any phone that works here will work there (apart from a 3 phone - they use special sim cards and will not be compatible with Indian gsm cards)
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