Help with monitor res problems

    I just switched to an dvi/hdmi adaptor that came in my graphics card box. Since I hooked my pc to my monitor with hdmi my desktop wont fit on my screen, even though its set at the recommended resolution. Changing res makes no diff anyway. Its overlapping by about an inch on both sides with my taskbar start button half out of view. Im on win 7.



    use the buttons on the monitor / monitor settings to re-size the screen.

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    Ive gone through my monitors menu but cant see anything like that.

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    tried them and nothing. I have a video/image mode but can only switch between normal and vivid with it. Then there is the input mode and i have hdmi selected.

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    does the osd setting have any bearing on the display?

    You've downloaded the latest driver for the gfx card?

    Not all monitors do 1:1 pixel mapping over HDMI, What monitor and card do you have ?.

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    I have a sapphire HD3650 and a 19" hannspree Xm-s with hdmi.

    And yes latest drivers installed for both monitor and card

    Is the resolution set to 1440 x 900 ?.

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    Yep which is what windows recommends aswell. Its what im on right now and its still overlapping. Ive tried dropping res but no joy.

    In catalyst control centre if you go to desktop properties
    is the monitor showing as "basic "
    or " HDTV "

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    I havent actually got the control centre installed, so ill do that now and check. I let 7 install drivers instead of running the cd that came in the box.

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    Ive got CCC open now and there are loads of options. I dunno where to start. I cant see a desktop properties option


    Ive got CCC open now and there are loads of options. I dunno where to … Ive got CCC open now and there are loads of options. I dunno where to start. I cant see a desktop properties option

    You need to select " advanced" and then at the top left go to dektop properties
    from there you can set the resolution,
    Does the monitor have a zoom function in the mnu like on a TV as it sound like that is more likely the problem,

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    Ok i did that. Its called display options in mines. I set the res from 1440/900 to 1360/768 and everything fits now but its all abit big and not as sharp. Theres no zoom in the monitors menu.

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    The mouse cursor dissappears off the left side of the screen if I scroll past the edge but doesnt on the right, even though looking at it everything fits in the window as it should now. Anyway im just gonna go back to using the Dvi cable tomoz. I only wanted to use hdmi cuz i had a spare cable laying around.

    It sounds like you've got overscan turned on, click the little rectangle at the top of the small picture of your display in the catalyst control center and you should get up a properties or settings option.
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