Help with Moving Boxes Plz


    we are relocating for a year and desperately need to buy some moving/storage boxes. Any other time we would've just used boxes from Asda but we need them to be extra sturdy as we will have to use them when we move back. My hubbys company will be paying for all the relocation and i wana get the most out of it

    Thanx in advance


    Iron Mountain do this kind of thing........

    When I had to do a similar thing they got me LOADS of the boxes for not very many pennies....

    They store it too if needed....


    I'm sure there may be others though - Flea Bay may have 'job lots' of that kind of thing that you either make up yourself or similar?

    Erm, otherwise......

    I'm sure one of the other clever sausages on here will have a cunning plan!

    Actually - thinking about it - ALL of the Removal Companies will do this kind of thing for you - as in supply the boxes and some even do the packing too if needed....

    I am only saying that as it appears that your hubby's company are paying for the relocation etc.... may be worth a look to name but 1 ....

    Argos do ]this if you are wanting to make them pay!!!! :-D

    A company I've used for years, as they are reliable and cheap is [url][/url]. They can usually supply and delivery pretty much any size of box and fast. Just noticed they do house moving packs which include everything from tape to bubblewrap!!
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