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Found 18th May 2009
Just got hold of a 16gb mp4 player off ebay. Its one of the cheap imports but looks ok. Problem is I am not sure how to put music onto it, when I plug it into the usb port it does not show up as a drive in My computer. I thought that I could send the cd tracks straight to it. Any help would be much appreciated!
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I also got an MP4 player of eBay, usual chinese Ipod clone, and it works fine, but they do take some getting used to, as they aren't the easiest things to use.Yours may work differently, but on mine it works like this..
If your computer is running, say Windows 98SE, then it probably needs a driver installed first, although with XP it should detect as a removable drive, as long as the player is switched ON first.With the player switched OFF, when you connect to your computer it'll go into charging mode.
It's quite a pain navigating directories on these players, so I'd just stick the tracks by artist perhaps within the MP3 folder, rather than have artist, then album etc.
Chinese MP4 players are well known, for having had their memory hacked, so they display a higher memory capacity, than it actually has, if yours has been hacked then it can result in corrupt files, or just fail to work properly.There are many articles around describing how to check this, as it's a very common problem, I had an 8gb one once, which it turned out only had 1gb!
Good Luck, despite their quirks, I think these players are great for the money
P.S. beware of using any CD that may have come with your player, some of them contain viruses!.You can download the MP3 utilities software from many trusted sites, and it's FREE, so it isn't worth risking installing the CD.
Thanks for your help. It is as you describe really. When I plug it in to the usb it goes onto the charging mode even though the player is switched on! I am using windows xp. Can you advise me on where to go next, I am not that good with these things but can follow instructions!
Can anyone suggest a site that I could use to download drivers, that would bring this player to life on my pc! Please.
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