Found 15th Aug 2008
Hi Everyone,

I am using Word 2007. Everytime I hit it jumps 2 lines. If I hit together it jumps one line (as it should)

Any ideas on why? How do I change it so it only jumps down one line with



You have to change the paragraph/line spacing. It should be a button with two arrows on the side of some black lines. The arrows go up and down and are inline with each other. There is also a drop down arrow to the right of the lines. Hope that helps:thumbsup:

Format from the menu
In the Indents and Spacing tab the Spacing Options should have a dropdown under Spacing - Select Single

Original Poster

Thanks guys, this is weird though. RoyalRenegade remember this is 2007 so no format menu item.

So I did what scream suggested (Thanks) and changed it from 1.35 to 1.0 but it still does a double space. I checked on another computer too and it does the same.

Must be a quirk of word2007

Look on the tool bar (at the top). There will be tabs saying normal spacing,No Spacing,Header 1,Header2,Title. Select No spacing before you start typing.:)

Hi Ukpbz - I just checked this out on my own copy..

go back to the "line spacing" bit where you changed the 1.35 to 1 and at the bottom of that bit it has 2 toggle buttons - if you set them so it reads "add space before paragraph" and "add space after paragraph" then it should fix your problem
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