Help with MSI netbook

    Hi all i connected my netbook to an 32lcd and that is 1080p.

    How do iget the picture to show full screen on the telly?

    I am using a msi netbook?

    Ive tried to use it as an extended monitor. Then i try and change the resolution for monitor 2 (lcd tV) it keeps saying unsupported video output.

    Any help will be great


    I had the same problem the other night with my nc10 and my 26" lcd, open up your display menu and change the resolution to 1366x768 then plug your vga cable in before it defaults back mine went into dual monitor mode straight away.

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    Still having trouble with this lol. The netbook has a max resolution of something x 600. How would i change that? google isnt making things easier.


    You need to download the drivers for your graphics card. You then need to go into the graphic card settings, maybe right click on the desktop and graphic properties, something along those lines and then change scaling. There may be a button you have to press to display on the tv. I have to press Fn (the blue key) and f5. It looks like this one
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