Help with my brothers crimbo presents

    my brother is possible the worst (or best depending on what you think) person to buy for at Christmas he has given me a list of things he wants along with the prices and where to get them. i think i can beat his prices cause obviously i'm his big brother and as such i'm much better.

    heres his list and the prices i've found so far, help me out bargain hunters Metroid Prime corruption - £32.99 from game (5 pound off with the code AWDC07XM, £27.99)

    Zelda cross bow training with wii zapper - £15.97 tesco jersey…952 Transformers (DVD) - two disc special edition form the hut £15.83 (possibly with 5% off £15.04)…541 Pirates of the Caribean 3 - special edition from tesco jersey £14

    Pokemon battle revolution - £32.99 at GAME

    Please help


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    thanks mate, rep left

    I think Link's crossbow training is out about December 8th, for about £19.99 if that helps. With Zapper.

    Edit: You can pre order this for 17.99 from the choices UK website

    There is a thread on here for the zapper with the zelda game. It is from tesco jersey and it costs 15 quid. I got an email from them and they said i wont get it on the release date but possible 9th december instead

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    is this website okay? i've never heard of it before.

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    add pokemon battle revolution to the list as well, can only find it at GAME can i use the voucher twice?



    is this website okay? i've never heard of it before.

    I order from them all the time, they are massive in Canada. They will be region 1 DVD's, but you can get stuff usually 2 or 3 months before they come out here. :thumbsup:

    I wouldn't recommend getting your games from here, I'm not sure the region coding will work on your console

    Pirates of the Caribean 3 special 2 disk edition is only £9 in Morrisons, I got it last week!

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    cheers princess was it the same one as in my link, or are there about 50 different 'special' editions floating around? rep lefted for your efforts

    the cover looks the same, it comes in a slipcase, and had 2 disk, it does look the same!

    Had a look around for the Zelda cross bow training with wii zapper but cant seem to find that at a cheaper price anywhere else


    StaceyAKelly this what your looking for?? £9.67

    thats a guide book, the op is looking for the wii game:?


    thats a guide book, the op is looking for the wii game:?

    Ooops Sorry, didnt spot that..............thought it was too good to be true, me finding a hot deal lol

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    have some rep for your efforts anyway

    awwww thank you, I work really hard trying to find bargains to put on here but no matter what I post someone always beats it!!!
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