Help with my cousins school project

    Mornin guys.

    My cousin is doing some project about 11-18 year olds and mobile phones. He needs to plot charts, show stats etc about features, brand, model and price etc. Then draw his own conclusions and comparrisons.

    He's had the nod from a teacher that if he gets a large sample of people, then his desired better marks will be within reach.

    Could I ask that if you are in that age bracket, or have kids, or know someone etc and you can provide make and model of their phone, then I can get the rest of the details off the net with him.

    I appreciate any help.


    This may be of help to him:

    If he chooses the free version he can put together a quick survey asking the questions he's after, then all he has to do is aske everyone to fill in the survey.

    so do you just want the model of my phone ??

    Original Poster

    yeah, make and model if you're in that age bracket

    My son is 16 and has a Sony Ericsson W595


    yeah, make and model if you're in that age bracket

    im 13, its a samsung g600 .

    Good luck with this I do fell old though as my kids are 22 and 26 :oops:

    ]This any use, I know it's US but maybe a starter.

    my 15 year old son had a samsung cookie until he lost it yesterday :roll:

    Charlie Scene;7821414

    my 15 year old son had a samsung cookie until he lost it yesterday :roll:

    HAHA, that sounds like meee !!

    Mod & Ed

    My son is 17 next week and I've got him a Sony Ericsson W995 that he asked for

    my 11 yr old son has a LG KF700

    My sons 15 and he has a Samsung Tocco.


    when i was 11 i had a bike! oh and a sega megadrive2

    My 13 year old has a samsung J600
    He hates it now though and wants to change it. Told him he can wait till August when its his birthday. The look of horror tinged with teenage shoulder shruggling was priceless so he might have to wait till next Christmas. LOL

    Nephew is 13 and has iphone 3gs 32gb

    My kids aren't old enough so haven't got phones !!

    My sister is 11 and she has an iphone - can ask her which one of it needs to be more specific

    14, iphone 3g

    [COLOR="Red"]I'm 18 and I have three phones.

    I have a Blackberry to deal with business matters.
    I have an iPhone for games/entertainment.
    I have a HTC for general use. [/COLOR]
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