help with my dads iphone 3G, keeps connecting to neighbours unsecured wireless

    as per the title really, my dads iphone 3G keeps connecting to a neighbours really weak unsecrued wireless network and subsequently the connection is so bad he cant open anything, he just want to use our home one or 3G but the iphone seems to wander over to this every now and then and spoil his browsing

    can i disable just this network from his wifi, im not exactly iphone experienced though im meant to be the techy one


    click on settings, wi-fi, find the hotspot name and then click it, click forget this network or whatever option is at the top (depends on what ios you have)

    Make sure that you can at least view your neighbours network - select it and then select 'Forget This network'

    Edit - beat me to it milesy
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    He must of click connect on it at some point when viewing the wireless networks, the advice above will stop it connecting to that network, then you are free to connect to your home network.

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    aye he probs did click it knowing him, aparently it might be some leeds based wireless network and not a neighbours but annoying al lthe same, cheers for the help, thanks all round
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