Help with my homework

    I am trying to add a table into my homework and i only have wordpad on my laptop..anyone know a site or temporary programme i can use so i can add one into it..thanks..rep to helpers


    You could download ]Open Office.

    Open Office is free. Any use to you?…gle

    Dang it. 1 min too slow.

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    just downloading now..fingers crossed it works thanks guys rep to you

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    downloaded it..its perfect thankyou so much..will help me with my homework definately!!

    Glad it's of use, prefer MS Office myself, but I know a lot of people swear by Open Office.

    OP,i messaged you as you never went back to your UGG thread after i posted info on it,nice to know my help was appreciated as i had no reply:roll:

    You can insert tables with Wordpad if that's all you needed.

    OpenOffice Writer will give you many more formatting options though.
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