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Found 17th Nov 2008
Right an error starting appearing 3 days ago saying a system 32 file (nvcpl.dll) is corrupt.

Have tried everything to fix this but with no joy. Downloaded and used Adaware, Spybot, Avast and used some freebies found on Google.

Any techies now how to sort this please.

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This doesn't always work, but try to do a System Restore to a date it was working correctly.

]Also take a look here

Tried re-installing any Nvidia drivers on your system?


Tried re-installing any Nvidia drivers on your system?

Looks like this will be the culprit according to the forum link posted above.

you need to reinstall drivers from the motherboard disk (or from online if you know the make of the MB)

a system restore may work

failing that a full format and reinstall of windows

Original Poster

Thanks for all your comments. Much appreciated.

Graphics card updates/roll backs didn't work.

Looks like we're gonna have to go down the format and re-install route.

open regedit and search for entries with nvcpl.dll in them, delete all keys containing that ref, it's not a necess file,

This should work:

Go to Start > Run > Msconfig > Startup tab, and just uncheck the line

NvCplDaemon = RUNDLL32.EXE c:\windows\SYSTEM\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup

Click OK, and reboot.

This stops the nVidia software from running at startup. It wont cause an issue though.

Format and reinstall is overkill big time :thumbsup:
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