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Can anyone help me. I am trying to sell my house, but my neighbour is trying his best to harass me and anyone who comes to view my house. He has always been nasty and aggressive for no real reason other than he likes to pick on people. I am aware that if I make an official complaint I will have to disclose this when I come to sell my house, but I can't get anywhere near selling because of the way my neighbour is. I don't know what to do. I am not a violent person but I am my wits end. Can anyone give me some good advice. I don't want to do anything illegal. Please help? Thanking you in advance.

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What is it that he is doing to put viewers off?

baseball bat, large plastic sheet and a spade. that should sort it.

can you book viewings for when he isnt there.

or dog doo thrugh his letter

Have you tried to talk to him, why don't you tell him the reason why you're selling up and tell him that it may benefit him too.
If not, poison him


I found the neighbours from hell website really useful.

Good luck

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Hi. Thanks for replying. He screams and shouts and bangs on the wall.

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Hi. Thanks for replying. I feel that he enjoys upsetting me and would prefer I stay in the house so he can amuse himself.


give me a tenner and ur address hows tat

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Hi. Thanks for replying. He's retired, although about 50 years old. He never leaves the house except to walk his dog, which doesn't take long.

Keep a little book and recored the time and date and incident. Then contact the police and have a word to see if they can have a word about harrasment. Worth a try if you have enough evidence.

He is just a big bully, only way to sort bullies out is to stand up to them or get someone else to sort him out.
You could tell him that if he scares decent people away, you will sell it to the lowest scum you can find.
It is awful to have bad neighbours, you have my sympathies.
I hope you get your house sold.


baseball bat, large plastic sheet and a spade. that should sort it.

Bag of lime?? :thumbsup:

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Sounds good, takes time though. I don't think I can stand another month living next to him. Thankyou for your advice. I'll probably have to do this.

Sounds like he needs an ASBO!!! lol:thumbsup:

Is he loud etc normally? or just when you have a viewing?

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mainly just when I have viewings, but he does make noise other times.

To be honest, this man seems to have a mental problem, perhaps you could find out who his doctor is and see if the doctor can do anything, it may not be safe to approach this man by yourself.

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Thats good advice,thanks.


im sorry to put a dampener on this but if you are asked about your neighbours then you have to disclose anyway, with or without a compaint being made

Poor you, that is really harsh. That is one of my worst nightmares having a bad neighbour. He sounds like he has a screw loose.

Trying to look from all sides, do you think it is fair on the prospective buyers, them not knowing they have a looney living next door to you?

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Yes I can see your point of veiw, but he is not like this with other neighbours,only me. so if I can leave he might stop.

Mate of mine was in a similar situ up North a while back.

He was getting verbals off a neighbour for no reason. He spoke to a local copper who advised him to keep a diary of all incidents. A week or so later, when written evidence was compiled, the copper went to the idiot neighbour & told him that a complaint was going to be made that was supported by evidence if the aggro didn't stop. This worked without the need for an official complaint.
Could be worth a try- just need to show him you ain't gonna stand for it.

Option 2- pm his address to all on here & see how many threatening letters it takes for him to have to open over his cornflakes each morning before he crawls back into his miserable hole.

Good luck.



I found the neighbours from hell website really … I found the neighbours from hell website really useful. luck

Have you read some of the posts there? Some real whacky people.

"Hello everyone,
I moved to a new flat at the end of May.
After a couple of weeks, my neighbor living in the flat below mine was back from holidays and started to make noise at night: TV, music, doors closing heavily, shocks, conversations. Actually, I can hear any sound. I cannot say it is loud but it does happen every night and he wakes me up each time from midnight-2.00 am until 4-6 am in the morning. I tried to speak to him and he acknowledges he was living at nights, listening to TV to help him concentrate while studying. It is very efficient since it keeps me awake as well. Despite all my attempts to ask him to keep quiet, he keeps living at night and sleeping within the day.
As a result, I cannot sleep more than two consecutive hours at night (even with pills) and I am exhausted. It came to a point where I have to take my mornings off from my work. The effects of this noise nuisance are major on both my health and my work. The situation is unbearable and my life miserable. I cannot move out since I cannot break my tenancy contract in the first 6 months. I feel like in prison at home. What can I do? Since it isn't loud, I am not sure it could be witnessed by anyone else, although it does happen every night. I contacted also my landlady who is also his landlady but she just ignores my emails. I feel desperate and need some help. May I ask him to pay for compensation and for expenses I would have to pay if I move out (including the 6 months rent)?
Thank you for any help." :w00t:


Yes I can see your point of veiw, but he is not like this with other … Yes I can see your point of veiw, but he is not like this with other neighbours,only me. so if I can leave he might stop.

Till he tries it on with the next owners or you move next door to an equally miserable sod.
grow a pair girl and complain to the police, record the next time he starts bangin or ask local council noise people round, tell him its a "viewing"
if you feel he really may be mentally unsound which i doubt otherwise he would be like this with all the neighbours.
As stated b4, tell him you'll rent it to a bunch of smackheads if he don't quiet down, at thirty quid a week you will get some real scum applying

I would complain to the police and not try to hide it from people viewing. I dont think you would be impressed if you move into a new house and the neighbour is even worse than the one you have now..

Speak to your local Comunity Beat manager (police officer) for your area. Doesnt have to be an official complaint, a quiet word from the police usually does the trick. If you are anywhere in North Wales, I will do it for you, or get a colleague to speak to him on your behalf.
The other suggeston about keeping a log is a big help to the police if you do decide to proceed with harassment. Also the council can help sort out noise pollution from neighbours.
let me know
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