Help with nds TT card from dealextreme

    just got my card but I am having trouble puttin the games on it. I have the games with .nds extention but I cant get it working, any idea how it works? Rep left for anybody who can help.


    have you formated the memory card .some times even new ones and put on the operating system from the manufacturer (root folder )

    Does this card work in the same way as the M3 Real/Simply ? Does it need the software on the card ?

    Format the card, download and install the latest 1.10 kernel/OS (]download link here), and then create a new folder called "Game" on the root of the card. Drag the .nds files into the Game folder and it should work fine.

    If you do a search in youtube for dstt there are loads of step by step tutorials that can help you. :thumbsup:
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