Help with Negative / Neutral , Please

    Hi, I have a Negative feedback left for me but it should have been positive - if you read the comment and I have also had a pm saying it should be a positive, Can I get this changed to a positive or deleted??

    Also the 2 neutrals I was pm'd to say these were left in error as she mixed my items up with some she received from ebay. can I get these changed or deleted??




    Looking into it now. thanks.

    Original Poster


    Looking into it now. thanks.


    was told by them they had contacted the mods, but its been a while now and I didn't know how to contact mods


    How can you complain about postage and packing being too high anyway, whether on here or fleabay.
    You know what the prices are before you buy.
    People think it's just the cost of a stamp.
    They don't take into account the time it takes to wrap, the time it takes to get to the post office, any car parking charges involved etc.
    If you think it's too high, then don't buy. Simple. :thumbsup:

    Oh yes, Congrats on 1000.


    have to agree about the postage thing, many a time I've let people have … have to agree about the postage thing, many a time I've let people have stuff for the cost of the weight of what I'm posting, they still complain, not realising I've spent money on the packaging!I rarely sell stuff now:oops:

    It costs me £1.20 to park near to my post office.
    The petrol to get there and back isn't free either.
    Plus the time it takes, I'd say 45 minutes round trip.

    People don't take these things into account.

    Yes, sometimes, I might be going that way anyway, but not always. :thumbsup:

    Sounds like the man is laughing all the way to the bank.
    He should at least give a donation.
    Fair enough for the shop if it's not selling, but as you said, seems like they are over pricing things.

    Looks like we're the only ones on this thread. Ha Ha.
    Where is this shop, anywhere near Harlow Essex.

    On a different note, just noticed you tried the "fix your DSTT" thread but no luck for you initially. You got it working in the end though.
    I used their method on two of mine and they both now work a treat.
    I think the secret is not to use any firmware above V14 I think.
    I now don't know what to do. Dealextreme have said I can send mine back. I ordered 5 from them just before Christmas, I told them 4 had broken ( I lied, it was only two, I didn't think they would ask for them back Lol. ) and they have said if I send them back, they will replace them.

    Forgot to say, one of them trashed the micro SD card. It was a 4GB one but now is reading only 2GB.
    I have no idea if there is a fix for that. Thankfully, it only did it to one card.

    Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by fakeware?
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