Help with netbooks for a numpty please!!

    I'm looking for a netbook but i'm finding all the info very confusing!

    I am currently using a laptop, but it's getting a bit old and slow. Will be using the netbook for the net mostly. Probably a stupid question but do netbooks have a CD drive/SD card slot??!! Would be great if I could use it for itunes as well...

    What should I look out for RAM and memory is like another language to me!! Any brands that are better than others. Would be looking to pay £300 ish. Believe me any info not matter how basic would be helpful for me!!

    Rep to everyone who can help!!



    no cd/dvd drive...yes sd/mmc slot....more ram, big hard drive..processors very similar....


    most netbooks are 1gb ram

    i would concentrate on the battery, basic netbooks only do 3 hours, you can get a 8-9 hours on a more expensive one

    itunes is easy anyway, any old computer with USB will do that for you ( but you wont be able to use cd's!)

    like this:…tom

    if you really need a cd occasionally, you can get one that goes the in usb for about 40 quid, saves the weight of carrying one for when you dont

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    Thanks...been having a look and going to go for a samsung...either N140 or N150. Any help in finding one in black at a good price would be much appreciated!!
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