Help with new build computer and HDD’s

Found 23rd Apr
Hey all, I’m at my wits end at the moment after building a brand new computer build.

I am trying to also connect 2 x new Barracuda 3TB HDD’s but the computer doesn’t see them in the BIOS or in Disk Management.

Although when I connect my old 1TB Barracuda the system sees this l, so it’s not a SATA cable unplugged anything

also when when I connect the new HDD and boot the computer, Win 10 will not load and hangs on the Republic of Gaming splash screen. I have to remove the 3TB before Win 10 loads up correctly again...doing my head in !!

Mobo is the Asus Z370
Win 10
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Dodgey HDD's? any way of testing in a external enclosure or another P.C?
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