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    can you help please i need to buy a used car was going to get a zafira but insurance was ott theres a new insurance grouping 1 to 50 instead of 1 to 20 how do i find out what cars fall into the 1 to 8 levels of insurance please


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    i need a list of cars themselves that are in the insurance groups 1 to 8 so i can choose a car from that range for the cheap insurance please i.e the zafira i called the insurance about was group 14

    You are gonna struggle on a group 1-8.

    For example of the scale a 1.2 Honda Jazz is Group 12E where as an Audi R8 is 49E

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    my escort estate is a group 8 and old but insurance fully comp 43 pounds zafira group 14 and picasso group 15 which is 60 odd pounds each a month so maybe an astra estate but dont know the group

    Insurance groupings can be unique to the insurance company.

    They are predominantly based on the number of claims made on the vehicle type, cost of the claims made and also likelyhood of personal injury caused by an accident with the type of car.

    The larger the range of groupings the more likely you are to get a more fitting quote to the car.

    Cars like the Peugeot 106, Aygo and C1 are low groups.

    Skoda fabia and Fiat Panda's are also really low.

    This is of course all on the basis of current stats... if a load of inexperienced drivers get hold of these, smash them up and all make large claims... the grouping could increase next year...
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