help with nintendo stars/wii points.

    I have enough points to buy some wii points as there is nothing else inthe nintendo shop I want so would prefer some cash for the wii points and let someone else make the most of them.

    How do I transfer my stars to wii points as I have not linked my wii as I don't want to use them myself. The name and password I use on nintendo stars isn't working when trying to buy wii points.
    If i sold the points would I just need to enter the email and pasword of whoever bought them from me to transfer the points to them?

    Heading for a bath, thanks for any help, will rep later when get out


    Buy the world of goo game, meant to be good.

    Yeah we've got Lost Winds, not up to much is it.

    I've got some PIN cards from games that I can't use, I got 2 wii plays, and bought a small bundle of 8 PIN cards from ebay, 2 games I already had... Any ideas if I can swap them on here somehow?

    Sorry if that don't make sense, I'm drunk.. lol


    you will need to set up your wii account to your nintendo one, buy the points, and then you can see if anyone wants to uy the games, as you can buy these for a friend, you will need their details


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that actually made sense whilst typing it

    Nothing wrong with Lost Winds, was a fun little game, you just have to patient with it I guess


    Swords & Soldiers is really good fun too.
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