Help with Nintendo WII error message

    Am new to this so please be kind.
    Basically my WII got delivered today (New from and I can't get it to play any games.
    I followed the instructions exactley and everything was fine untill I tried to play the disc and it just kept saying that it couldn't read the disc or there was an error.
    Tried a couple of different discs but same thing kept happening.
    Have tried to get through to Nintendo for the last hour and a half but am kept on hold all the time.
    Am desperate to try to get it working as it is a surprise pressie for kids and they are v upset that I can't get it to work.
    Any suggestions?


    What's the exact error message?
    Are you sure you're putting the discs in the correct way round? If it's upright, you should insert the disc so the printed label is facing right.

    Sorry to be pessimistic, but it's almost certainly not something you can fix. You'll need to contact Next and have them replace it.

    It sounds as if there is a fault with the Wii...

    Have you contacted Next?

    I would say it's the disc being the wrong way round, i had that problem a few times as i kept forgetting


    I'm not trying to insinuate you can't follow instructions, but just trying to see if your kids can have a smile on their faces.

    Is there anyway you could be inserting the discs the wrong way round. To this day I can never remember which way round to insert them.

    EDIT: Pipped at the post.

    Also try resetting with the disc loaded in the machine. Also try turning off machine and turning it back on with disc loaded in machine

    Original Poster

    Am def putting disc right way up (have checked like 5 times).

    Message says

    ''an error has occurred press eject button and remove disc then turn off wii'' or
    ''the disc could not be read''

    Have followed the troubleshotting advice but same thing happens.

    Was going to contact next but manual said to contact nintendo, not sure who to contact.

    If it's just arrived, definitely contact Next

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
    will try calling next

    Have you tried another disc/game?

    tbh next won't be able to diagnose the problem, i would phone nintendo, then phone next to get a replacement if necessary

    If you buy any item from a reputable shop or online shop, they are the ones that cover any warranty / returns issues upto 30 days from the date you recieved it. NINTENDO wont do anything till after this date.

    Nintendo returns are becoming one of the worst as of late, not in numbers, just in service. All controlled by codestorm and they are a bunch of W***ers on a good day.

    Next should replace this without quibble for you, its up to them to return it to nintendo and get thier money back, thats the service they are supposed to offer being a re-seller.

    i had same problem and contacted Nintendo and they sent me a pre paid return label and they basically replaced the disc reader. I didn't pay anything and it was all turned around rather quickly. the main gripe is the length of time I had to hold on the nintendo line - 15 minutes! But remember to use this number - 01753483700. It's the one I used instead of the costly 0870 number. ([url]WWW.SAYNOTO0870.COM[/url]).

    Original Poster

    Hi guys I'm back.

    Right called Next and they are sending a courier to pick it up on Wednesday.

    Good news is they are replacing whole thing at no extra cost.

    Bad news is it will take 1-2 weeks for the new one to arrive and I have to somehow get everything back in the box, which is almost always impossible.

    Still at least they're replacing it. Don't think it's right for companies to just repair it if it's new.

    Thanks everyone for ya help.

    Just have to tell hubby and kids now!

    hi jade, if it helps i rekon you might have the cd in the wrong way round, the same thing happened to me. doh! :thumbsup:

    The error message means there could be a fault with the DVD drive itself (or laser). Mine is doing the same, its a fight to get a game to load, I've bought a replacement drive now.

    It is the DVD Drive, I would be careful about refurb units as well as bad mod installs can cause this.
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