Help with Nokia 5230 please????


    My friend upgraded to the nokia 5230 and we have most of it set up.

    We have hit a big snag with transferring music from cd to pc to phone!! My friend has copied cds to her pc and when we transfer them to the phone using pc suite, it won't play the songs and says that there is no licence to play the song (or words to that effect)!! Orange say it is because the songs on cds are protected nowadays so they can't be transferred to the phone!! Is that the case or any of you clever guys and girls able to help with this problem?? Friend doesn't want to have to buy the music to download. Syncing it using a usb cable.




    probably didnt rip the cd's in mp3 format

    Re-rip the CDs using FreeRip…php
    I haven't used it for a few years, but it was great when I did use it - very simple.

    Alternatively, you can use your media player (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc) but make sure you change the preferences so you rip in MP3. Your phone will support other formats, but best go with mp3 as its most universal.

    p.s. exact error message would be handy for any further advice. Also, if the CDs you are trying to rip are on ]this list, you may be out of luck as some versions of them have Sony's nasty 'copy protection', as Orange refer to it. Most CDs don't have it.

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    Thank you guys....will try this 2moro but in the meantime, least I can do is rep you for being so helpful so quickly. Hope I can call on you guys again if that doesn't work!! lol

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