Found 11th May 2008
could someone please help
im trying to upload smoe pics on the computer from my phone
ive had no probsbefore doing it just plugged in the usb to the phone and away it went..
now today i tried it and nothing happened... nothing registered on the phone or the comp.
ive uninstalled everything and reinstalled it all again but to no avail

so does anyone have any ideas

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have you restarted comp as that did it for me? i must have cancelled something and it did the trick

Dodgy wire?
Do nokias use that mini usb connector? see if you have another one lying about to try?

Just reboot your computer. Sometimes the USB side of things fails to see the driver. I'd advise buying an USB hub, then if this happens again, you will not need to reboot but simply unplug and reconnect the hub. I have to do this if I use my Epson printer and scanner. For some reason it switches off my ADSL modem.


do you have XP as an operating system? Also do you have more than 3 other USB devices in use when you try connecting the n95? You may need to disconnect the other USB devices that you dont really need, restart the pc then try connecting the n95.

I had this prob as well and read somewhere that sometines XP has problems connecting too may USB devices at once.

TRy that :thumbsup:

Original Poster

sorted now thanks just needed a comp and phone reboot

cheers guys
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