Help with O2 bill and onestopphoneshop cashback.

Found 18th Mar 2008
Hi there,

I completed one of these deals last year without any problems with a Virgin contract. The pages of the Virgin contract that I would receive clearly showed that I had paid the bill.

With my O2 contract, all I get is a single page titled Your Bill which shows the mins I used last month and amount due this month including the date that they will debit my account.

Is that all that I need to send to claim my cashback? It doesn't seem like it has all the info they asked for when I was on my Virgin contract... but it's all I ever get from O2?

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O2 invoice you and then show on the next invoice what you paid the previous month.
okay, thanks for the quick replies.
I think so as any amount that hadn't been paid would show.
oops, hadn't refreshed for a while!
you could become one of the thousands screwed by these companies
lol, thanks for your optimism pcfairs.
Does anyone know if there is still a way to track claims? I know I can use the recorded delivery tag but you used to be able to log into the website and see that they had received the claim, it was being processed and then issued but I can't seem to find that any more?
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