help with o2 contract?????

Found 22nd Nov 2006
hi, guys i just got my o2 phone on contract i wanted to know how i can check my minutes i was on orange and they just had a three digit number which aws 150. what is it for o2 can anyone help?
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O2 does not have an easy way to check like that.
Online or via CS only afaik.
a plus for using 02 is that you can dial 1471 free and it tells you who called you last, useful when your phone has been switched off
hanif I usually get a sms notice of missed calls? I think I had to activate that, I forget now.
my gfs o2 online bill doesnt work.... how can i fix this? have emailed CS but no answer (been 2 weeks)
Doesn't o2 online system work like most others networks?
ie forget password, they sms you a code, u enter it on the site, you reset your password, all is working again?
can any one help, as i really would like to know how many minutes i have surely there must be sum one with a o2 contract phone???????
Erm, i just said?
O2 does not have a sms or voice facility to quickly check your inclusive minutes or sms, customer services or your O2 online account only afaik.
this is the last time im with o2, i thought it was good, so far not so good, and if i have a problem. e.g billing etc then how do i contact them???????
Where did you buy it from?
There are 3 O2's in essence
O2 from a retailer
O2 direct from O2's website, "O2 Online"
O2 from CarPhoneWarehouse "O2 CPW"

O2 from a retailer has free CS via #100
O2 Online has a 0870 number to call which comes out of their inclusive minutes
I'm not sure about O2 CPW.

If you needed that facility why didn't you ask people or ask O2 before you got it?
Main reasons I got O2 was for the cracking 12month free rental contract I got and the amazing retention deal I managed to haggle a few months ago
Anyways I would recommend registering online, and getting to know the O2 online system so you can monitor your minutes.
i bought mine from ones stop phone shop, i never knew o2 had so many types, orange was much simpler. ahh well. thanks schizboy for trying ot help.
Then you have normal O2 dialling 100 will take you through to customer services for free, they're closed now, 8am-6pm I think possibly 8pm is their opening times so a bit late now.

Worth registering, once you understand how their (sometimes awkward) online system works and accept like most online network systems have a 2day lag on billing you'll be able to track your minutes.

O2, to my knowledge never had a voice or sms facility for checking inclusive mins/sms, purposefully done to keep customers ignorant and spend more of course unfortunately.

Just noticed you said you just got the phone, you could always cancel the order? Retailers are very fussy about returns though and expect the box and phone to be perfect, even if the courier damaged the box and not you.
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