help with old AMD XP2000 system

    I have this system running win xp and 512mb, i want to use it to play back video/divx/mp3s thru a big screen tv - NOT Hi Def. also internet and streaming vids

    Can i install a linux OS or similar with apps that can play media files and browse net?
    how easy is it.

    Im only asking cos linux will prob load processor less and use less system resources than windows. is that right??


    You could use linux, although if you strip down XP and don't install unneccessary software/services that should be able to cope fine as well...

    If you want to install linux to just have a play with it I'd recommend probably either ]Ubuntu (the most widely used distro) or ]Open Suse as good candidates to try - you need to download the ISO, burn it to a CD and then boot from the CD to begin the live boot\install process, but its not too complicated...

    Download and install ]http//ww…om/ it has a lot of software build in and ]http//ww…rg/
    that system should work fine, If you dont want to use Linux you could use Tiny Xp (stripped down version of windows xp) google it!

    OpenOffice is already installed with Ubuntu and most other distros ;-)

    If you do install Ubuntu, all the other software you need is very simple to install - you use the 'Synaptic Package Manager' and search for what you are after (eg video player etc) and it will show you all the available matches, you simply select the ones you want and click install - couldn't be easier!

    Mint is good too , its based on Ubuntu but a little more refined. Download teh ISO burn it to CD you can run it from the cd without destroying your XP to check it all works , also I think there is the optionto Dual boot too.

    Original Poster

    thx for quick reply.
    will give it a go

    you souldnt have a problem even with xp just get your self a good gfx card with hdmi out should cost no more than £30 will take most the load off the cpu

    my old socket 7 500 still plays non hi-def divx and dvd via tv out fine on a clean install of xp

    Wot djnaff said.

    I've got an XP2000 system with 512MB RAM running WinXP, too. It's powerful enough to play HD movies on my 720p 40" telly, and copes with divx / xvid movies with all the ease of a warmed knife through butter. There's no need for Linux at all. Just install the CCCP (google it), and away you go.

    Original Poster

    just went with tiny xp and CCCP.
    i use VLC player too, so its all good.
    system runs a little slow but better than before - reformatted drive to NTFS too.
    thx guys

    Glad it worked out :thumbsup:


    There's no need for Linux at all.

    Got to disagree with 'at all', its free, legal, more flexible and powerful than Windows and does what it does pretty damn well, improving all the time. It really is worth trying out if you have the time ;-)
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