Found 18th Oct 2010
Can anyone out there help, i've been given bags full of old toy cars (all at least 20 years old) all in boxes not great condition but not bad, how do i find out if they have any value before my son gets his hands on then? (I'm in cardiff if makes any difference)

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search for each car on ebay....some will have a buy it now and those that don't put on your watch list and see what they sell for, if they sell at all. Not a definitive answer but you should get a rough idea.

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had a look on ebay and loads listed for 99p, but very few with any bids, jsut feels a waste to give to my 3 year old to play with, but no point keeping in boxes forever if not worth anything. Just sort of want conformation if worth any money

try searching "completed items" in ebay then you can see what those already sold went for, if not search for job lots or bundles on ebay already sold as you may find if you have 30/40/50 people will be more interested.
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